What are the options for a banking system under strain?

Greece looks set to enter uncharted waters this week, with the expiry tomorrow of its creditors’ offer of a new €15.3bn rescue loan in exchange for a package of austerity and structural reforms.

Here are the key issues it now faces as it lurches closer to becoming the first member state to leave the euro since the single currency was launched in 1999.

Bank Services Workers

Bank services workers handle a variety of different duties in banks and other financial institutions. Bank tellers handle certain types of customer account transactions. These employees serve the public directly. They accept customers’ deposits (money going into the bank) and give them receipts. They also handle customers’ withdrawals (money taken out of the bank), record transactions, and cash checks. When there is a withdrawal, the teller must make sure there is enough money in the customer’s account to cover the transaction.

Banking and Financial Services

Banking in the United States emerged immediately after the Revolutionary War. The First Bank of the United States was a federally chartered bank established to print money, purchase securities (stocks and bonds) in companies, and lend money. It also was responsible for establishing lending rules that state banks would have to follow. At the end of the 20-year charter, Congress refused to renew the First Bank’s charter because of concern about the power that the bank held. The bank was subsequently closed.

Customer Service Representative


Duties: Opens deposit accounts for bank customers; interviews customers to obtain financial information and explain services available; help customers resolve account problems; may help customers complete loan applications

Alternate Title(s): Customer Service Clerk, Financial Services Representative, New Accounts Representative

Bank Teller

Tellers are hired as new employees or are promoted from clerical or bookkeeping positions. Over the next several years there will be a decline in the total number of teller jobs as consumers do more of their banking at automated teller machines, instead of the teller window. However, teller turnover is high in most regions of the country Financial institutions are continually hiring new Bank Tellers to replace tellers lost through job turnover or promotion to other positions in banking, especially in urban areas.

Mortgage Account Executive

•    Meet and exceed sales targets; achieve maximum sales through cold calling of target lists and follow up on inbound inquiries
•    Frequent Prospecting for New Business
•    Facilitate a Positive On-boarding Experience for New Clients
•    Continually learn new product knowledge and acquire better selling skills


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